About Us

To Carry on the business of providing professional management consulting, in all aspects relating to agriculture, including marketing of agricultureproduce, bying and selling of seeds, products, manure, agriculture implements, machinery and all kinds of agriculture products.

To convert, aquire and take over going concern the business of any proprietary, partnership firm or company carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engaged in trasaction of business which this company is authorized to carry on conduct or engage in or transaction which may seem capable of being carried on or conducted so as to directly.

To establish, provide, maintain and conduct or otherwise subsidize research laboratries, experimental stations, workshops and libraries for scientific, industrial,commercial and technical research experiments to undertake and carry on scientific, technical research, surveys and investigations; to establish and maintain agencies and other trade channels in india or any part of the world for conduct of business of the company and for the sale of any material/s for the time being at the disposal of the company.